Special offers for our opening night at Lutterworth, Wed 7th Nov 2018

DanceXcess, Lutterworth Will be run regularly on Wednesday night classes
This is the most friendliest club you will find in the area with a support team that will help you with a big smile, great advice and a wealth of experience on how to help you to progress with your dancing. At Lutterworth we have a sprung maple dance floor that works for all types of dance styles and is a medium fast speed dance floor.
•Class Night format:
•Doors open at 7.30pm
•Beginners class: 7.45pm – 8.30pm
•Intermediate class: 8.45pm – 9.15pm
•Freestyle 9.15pm – 10.45pm
•Door price £7, Special pricing £5 for November / December 2018
•FREE local parking
•Licensed bar……. If no bar we offer Free Tea & coffee
Hi Dancers of DanceXcess…. Special pricing offer…..
Opening night @ Lutterworth Wedenesday 7th November.
I think I need to confirm something about my last post….
To do with the bring a friend (New Member) and the November / December pricing.
If you come to every Wednesday in November you will get in for the whole of December, Plus the 1st Wednesday of January 2019 FREE…
That’s up to 8 free entry’s.
But what I didn’t make clear is, if you bring 4 new members (One each week) you will get in for free on each night you bring a new member.
Then you will still get your card stamped, as it’s an entry stamp for the month of November.
Then with all 4 November stamps in place you will get in for the whole of December + the 1st Wed January 2019 for free too….
So that can be a max of 8 weeks in total, completely free…
I hope that all makes sense……
So in conclusion you can have up to 8 weeks dancing on Wednesday nights for free in November and December…..
See previous posts for full info…
Offer No:1
Original post. Normal door price £7. For November / December entry £5 per person.
Offer No:2
If you bring a new friend who is not a member with you.
You will get in FREE on that night.
Offer No:3
If you come to all class nights in November.
You will get in whole of December FREE.
Offer No:4
Bring a new member to each class night in November,
So that’s free entry up to 4 weeks in November, then .
You will get in for free in Dec Inc:1st Wed in Jan 2019
That’s up to 8 free entry’s.
DanceXcess, Is a Smooth modern jive dance & Social club which offers various styles of dance including Smooth Jive, WCS and tango influence.
DanceXcess is running regular dance classes during the week at various locations in the
St Ives, (Nr Cambridge)
Peterborough &
St Albans
area’s with
Weekday classes, Workshops and freestyles on a regular basis.
Visit www.DanceXcess.com for full info of events, workshops and classes.
DanceXcess has a crew of experienced dancer’s that are on hand to help and support new dancers to the club, we also have a resident DJ’s Pete Shillito, Misty & CJ)
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