Lutterworth Venue is located on the, M1just off Jn20 south of Leicester, North of Rugby.

Hot off the Press…. Today

DanceXcess is opening another new venue for modern jive classes & modern jive + Expressive freestyles, starting Wednesday 7th November 2018.

Yes we are adding to the DanceXcess / Illumination family and moving up to the midlands.

This fabulous new location in Lutterworth, South Leicestershire (5 minutes from J20 of the M1) is a majestic masonic hall. It’s situated in the middle of town and offers many features including a large sprung maple dance floor, stage, air conditioning & 3 free local car parks.

The new venue will be fantastic for our new Wednesday evening classes starting on the 7th November 2018. A warm welcome will await you as you walk through the door at 7.30pm. The beginners class starts at 7.45pm and an intermediate class at 9.00pm (recap class for the beginners at 9pm in our second room) and will run every week from there on.
Address: DanceXcess, Wycliffe Rooms, George Street, Lutterworth, LE17 4DE

I will be changing the group DanceXcess Peterborough to DanceXcess Lutterworth.

Here are some photo’s of the new venue.



Dance Classes are held regularly on Wednesday evenings at Lutterworth

 The format at St Ives; Doors open from 7:30pm, the beginners class starts at 7:45pm followed by a choice of either beginners recap or an intermediate level class at 8:45pm.

Freestyle dancing till 10.45pm

The Format at Peterborough; Doors open from 8.00pm, the beginners class starts at 8.15pm followed by a choice of either beginners recap or an intermediate level class at 9.00pm.

Freestyle dancing till 10.45pm

Following the classes there is always a free dance session until 10.45pm at St Ives and 10.30pm at Tiptree to practice and enjoy your dance, and for the social interaction so much a part of dancing.

In addition to classes there are regular Freestyle dances where you can explore and enjoy your dancing all evening. See the events listings for the next event.

Beginners are for people new to dancing with typically 6-8 weeks of lessons or less experience, and intermediate for those with 8+ weeks experience.

You do not need any previous dance experience, nor a partner as there is normally an even mix of genders at the classes.

“I am worried that I will get it wrong, or not be as good as others…”  The simple answer is don’t worry – dancers are generally very helpful with beginners, and anyway the only real measure is whether you are enjoying your dancing!

Come to a class and give it a try, or contact us and we can talk you through what to expect (see ‘Contact Us’ links at the top of this page).

Class attendance is currently £7/person which includes either or both of the lessons, free dancing and free hot drinks all night.