Freelance Friday Freestyle @ St Ives. This Friday 5th Nov

Freelance Friday freestyle at The Corn Exchange, St Ives
Please help,
Facebook yet again as normal has only let me invite 50 people and we have over 1500 on the group, This has happened on all the last 5 events we have posted…..
When I posted this event I got a message that if i want to boost this event i will have to pay then lots of money……
So can you share this with all your friend and any groups you are on…
Also if you tag you are going to this event no later than 24 hrs before the event and I will give you a £1 off your entry price …
Don’t forget it must be no later than 24 hrs before we open…….
Thanks for your help.
Freelance Friday Freestyle 3rd Nov 2017
* Location: The Corn Exchange, St Ives
* 2 Dance Rooms,
* Main hall (Modern Jive)
* 2nd room Blues/ Expressive/ Tango/ Music request.
* DJ’s, Misty (Tracy), Super G (Graham) & CJ
* Door price still £8 before 9pm
* Door price £10 after 9pm
* Doors open at 8.00pm
* Dancing till 1am
* expressive / Smooth music 11.0pm till 11.30pm
* FREE local parking
* Fantastic Air conditioning in all rooms
* Stay cool on and off the dance floor
* FREE Tea & Coffee all night
* Large spread of Food at 11pm
* NO bar, Bring your own.
* Soft Drinks on sale
* Full insurance and PPL
Go To DanceXcess club page on Facebook for Video’s of previous events.
Come and join in the fun and find some new friends to socialize with and have some great dances as well.
Forget fans that just blow hot air around the room, stay cool on and off the dance floor with six large air conditioning units to keep you cool all night
All rooms are fully air conditioned.
Full Address The Corn Exchange, The Pavement, St Ives, Cambs. PE27 5AD
Bio on DanceXcess,
DanceXcess has now been running for over 8 years and has been at St Ives Nr Cambridge for nearly 5.5 years and runs Expressions @ Cambridge for 1 year now.
Class night line up
Mondays, St Ives Nr Cambridge
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