Dips & Drops Workshop at The Corn exchaneg St Ives, Sunday 5th May

Dips & Drops Workshop at The Corn exchaneg St Ives, Sunday 5th May

Dips & Drops workshop (Beginners) @ The corn Exchange, St Ives
Class runs 2pm to 5pm with an extra hr for practice 5pm to 6pm
Total running time 2pm to 6pm

Workshop prices,
Single person £20,
Mixed couples £35

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Dips, Drops & Seducers Workshop information
This workshop is aimed at beginners to drops and seducers with focus to safety, style and flair.
We will go through all the aspects of how to do a safe drop, with a view on control, posture, balance and position. All of the drops will be from beginner’s moves to enable you to concentrate on the drop its self and styling of the move with a view of flash and style, but at the same time keeping it safe and simple.
The Class will comprise of a discussion on where, when and how to do a drop. The dangers and pit falls, Timings, when is the best moment for a drop, and all with lots of style, and eye catching moves, and of curse the WOW factor.
As you will know the moves which we have selected are basic moves and this will enable you to work on the drop in hand and add that little bite of pizzas and lots of good styling, we will also look a musicality, with breaks and spot points for great effect.
This workshop is the first in a series of 4 workshops for the CJ’s master series of drops and seducers, the second workshop will be aimed at the drops novice, and will take you beyond the basics, then the third workshop aimed at the advanced dancer, with breath taking moves and gravity defying drops with the flair of some aerials in for good measure. To the forth workshop this will be called the Show stopper workshop aimed at people who wish to go for compaction moves.
CJ has been teaching drops & seducer for the last 18 years and has taught in many locations around the country, with a wealth of knowledge and experience he is one of the best drops teachers around on the circuit today, and he has been teaching modern jive for around 14 years. CJ has been guest teaching around the area for some of the local dance originations as a guest teacher, showing off his unique style and fun moves.
So if any of this has wet tern you apatite please call to book on further workshops hosted by DanceXcess.

Timings for the Drops workshop Saturday 5/05/2019
2.00pm till 2.20pm Arrival and registration, 2.20pm till 2.30pm warm up
2.30pm start of workshop.
Section 1. 2.30pm till 3.00pm (Discussion & 1st section Drops)
Section 2. 3.15pm till 3.45pm (2nd section Drops)
Section 3. 4.00pm till 4.45om (Seducers and extra moves time permitting)
End of workshop 4.45 till 5.00, (cool down /Stretching) and a bit of practice time between 5pm to 6pm……
This is approximate timings and is only a guide line to times for the day.

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