Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a partner?
No, there is no need to bring a partner to DanceXcess. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it’s best if you didn’t bring a partner! We find that total strangers learn quicker and have more fun in the learning process!

How often do you change dance partners?
During the class, the instructor will move partners along the rows every 3 or 4 minutes. In a 45-minute class, you might therefore dance with some 15 or more partners! It makes for a lively buzzing atmosphere and the learning process is greatly enhanced by learning a dance move with 15 different partners.

Is it OK if I stay with my own partner?
If you really want to dance with your own partner, we provide a space for you.

How easy is it to learn Modern Jive?
We have designed the pace and structure of our 45-minute Beginners Classes so that people attending for the first time can dance a 4-move sequence to music by the end of the class! Our instructor stands on stage so that you get a good view of what’s happening and the way we teach Modern Jive is to minimise the instructions about how to move your feet. If you have absolutely no experience of Modern Jive, you will find that the Beginners Class is aimed precisely at you. We want you to enjoy your first class so that you come back for more!

Does it matter that I have two left feet?
We find that the people who reputedly have two left feet are the ones who have most fun in learning the dance! From experience, we know that everyone can dance. It just takes some people a bit longer than others.

Do I need to book?
No. Just turn up on the night and you are ready to go.

What does the entrance fee cover?
The entrance fee allows you to take part in the entire nights activities. After the Beginners Class ends at about8.30pm, you can go straight into the freestyle session, asking whoever you like to dance. Both men and women do the asking, and it is very rare that you get a refusal! When the intermediate class starts at 8.45 to 9.00pm, the Beginners all get together and do an informal refresher class of the Beginner moves that were taught that night. The freestyle session part 2 starts at about 9.30pm and ends at 10.45pm. You don’t have to dance all night though. You can get a cup of Tea / Coffee or purchase bottled water and take a seat to watch some of the more experienced show-offs strut their stuff!

Do you need to be a member?
Yes, but it is free membership.

How often is the class?
The dance classes run at the same time on the same weekday evening approximately 50 weeks a year, breaking only for the Christmas/New Year period.

What if I miss a class?
We don’t run the classes in fixed terms and so you don’t fall behind if you miss a week or two. A Beginners class comprises a 4-move routine, the 4 moves being randomly selected from a fixed group of 20 Beginners moves. If you attend the dance class for 8 consecutive weeks, you will be taught a total of 32 moves, each of the 20 moves at least once and some of the moves two or three times. If, then, you were to miss a week, you would just miss the 4 moves taught on that night and there is a good chance that you would have seen them in the other 7 weeks.

What type of people attend?
The core age range is about 30 to 50 years old but there some younger and some older. Its not your age that matters, it’s your attitude! If you are happy to have fun while you make the inevitable mistakes, if you are willing to be patient with those who make mistakes, you will undoubtedly enjoy yourself.

What kind of music is played?
It’s probably quicker to say what kind of music isn’t played Reggae and country music isn’t played! So, if you like to dance to Latin, pop, soul, rock then we are playing your kind of music!

What should I wear?
Anything goes. Casual jeans and tops are fine but some prefer to dress up for the night. Just remember that you will get hot (less so, in our air-conditioned venues) so wear something cool or be prepared to peel off a layer or two. Smooth-soled shoes are ideal, with low heels for the ladies. Trainers and high heels are not advised.

How energetic is it?
It’s as energetic as you like. Some people don’t break out in a sweat and others need to change their tops/shirts 4 times a night! Don’t think that there will be people swinging up in the air and around your legs everywhere you look, because those kind of “aerial steps” are generally banned because of the possibility of injury.

Can I get personal tuition?
The nearest thing to personal tuition are our DanceXcess workshops and one to one sessions. See DanceXcess ,co.uk or FaceBook Events for further information.

How much does it cost?
See the DanceXcess Venues page for the entrance prices

Are there any discounts?
We offer concessionary prices at certain times of the night, after the classes have finished

and for full paying persons on a class night we have a loyalty card for free entry.